Creating Four Pillars of Strategy to Influence Cultural Excellence and Multi Skilled Agents

The REA Group have implemented four pillars of strategy into the core of the business to create an agile customer experience centre. With continuous improvement and maintaining rituals within their teams, it has resulted in a 92% engagement rate. In this presentation from Contact Centre Week 2017, Olivia McMillan, Senior Manager - Customer Experience, REA Group outlines the steps the company have made to create a culture ready for continuous change and up-skilling, inlcuding:
  • Implementing cultural rhythms and rituals to keep the team engaged and supporting change
  • Identifying strategies to engage staff and keep them evolving with the business such as scrum sessions, daily stand ups and a management team
  • Putting the customer experience in the heart of the organisation and feeding insights into the organisation
  • An overview of the training process for multi-skilled staff at the REA Group
  • Highlighting the four pillars of strategy - Insights and proactive service, account management, continuous improvement, and people

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