Creating the contact centre of the future: what's driving change in Australian contact centre service delivery in 2016 and beyond?

Creating the contact centre of the future: what's driving change in Australian contact centre service delivery in 2016 and beyond?

Ahead of Contact Centre Week 2017, we caught up with six different contact centres across Australia to find out the core areas they are each focusing on to prepare and create the contact centre of the future. From self-service to data analytics to up-skilling staff, it seems the future is bright for Australian contact centres.
This report explores  how Energy Australia, Qantas Loyalty, Optus, AMP, the Australian Taxation Office and Teachers Mutual Bank are each transforming their contact centres to become more customer centric in order to remain relevant now and in the years to come.
Contact Centre Week 2018 Post Show Report

Contact Centre Week 2018 Post Show Report

The 2018 Contact Centre Summit saw an impressive increase in the diversity and seniority of its audience from 2017. Of more than 250 attendees, 44% were at Director Level or above, and the average budget was almost $9 million. With a greater number of attendees from the Financial Services, Utilities and Healthcare sectors, CCW2018 also cemented itself as a broad cross-industry summit capable of delivering an audience as senior and experienced as the speaker lineup.

As the summit evolves to meet these new audience demographics so too will the event’s partners. Now more than ever, partnering with CCW will put you in front of the key decision makers responsible for shaping their organisation’s customer contact. Unlike other contact centre events, developing a strategic partnership for CCW2019 will put your organisation ahead of your competitors by ensuring you only meet with the people that matter.

Special Report: Contact Centre Learning and Development

Contact center “training” is important, but it is not enough. It does not prepare agents to build meaningful connections with customers, and it does not ensure they get better over time.

To truly engage and empower your contact center agents, you must adopt a continuous – and passionate – commitment to agent learning and development. Do not settle for a four-week crash course on product knowledge; develop an ongoing, personalized “journey” that consistently makes your agents more efficient, more customer-centric and more committed to the business’ objectives.

This special report details how to create a learning program that will yield happy agents, happy customers, and ever-improving business results.

Topics include:

  • Customer demands you must consider when coaching agents
  • The impact of chatbots on agent development
  • The connection between agent learning and retention
  • Best practices for measuring return on contact center learning
  • 4 signs of a successful learning and development program
  • Action steps for creating more productive and engaged agents

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