Call Journey

Call Journey is a high powered conversation analytics solution that converts contact centre conversations into actionable data. Our solution allows businesses to access call intelligence easily, and discover information that directly affects sales performance, customer experience, employee engagement, regulatory compliance and business growth. Our AI-based engine, Call Journey EVS, accurately transforms large volumes of audio into searchable information and data on emotions, sentiment, compliance, , call duration, confidence, over-talk, silence and more. Call Journey saves your business time and money by retrieving, organising and delivering information contained in call recordings. You can now harness powerful insights from conversations, assess the performance of your IVR systems, monitor call centre traffic, track employee engagement, monitor agent compliance, analyse customer experience and automate your NPS measurement. Call Journey is one of the most flexible conversation analytics solution on the market, allowing your business to plug into our technology via the cloud or use the engine on premise. We offer a range of languages and accent-based models. Data produced by our technology can be fed to your chosen analytics platform, or easily digested via our visual dashboard, WordBench.

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